Juneau Commission on Sustainability



What is Juneau Doing?

What Juneau is doing to be more sustainable

City and Borough of Juneau 2008 Comprehensive Plan

The City and Borough of Juneau has begun incorporating the concept of sustainability into its decision-making through the  CBJ 2013 Comprehensive Plan Update  and establishment of the Commission on Sustainability.

It is the policy of the CBJ to model sustainability through its operations, practices, and projects (Comprehensive Plan Policy 2.2).  The Guiding Principles in the CBJ Comprehensive Plan lay the groundwork for building Juneau as a sustainable community with a good quality of life for its citizens now and in the future, including:

  • A safe place to raise a family
  • Quality education from pre-school to university levels
  • A balanced economy
  • Balance natural resource protection with the provision of infrastructure, goods and services
  • Neighborhood livability and affordable housing
  • Accessible, convenient and affordable transportation
  • An involved citizenry

The Juneau Commission on Sustainability will help Juneau’s leaders meet these goals and help Juneau become a more sustainable community.

Climate Action Plan

In 2011, the CBJ Assembly adopted a  Climate Action & Implementation Plan with a goal of reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2032. The Climate Action Plan identifies the  top actions  that the CBJ and community can take to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for Juneau.