Parking Closures

Parking Closure Permits are issued during the construction,  repair, or remodel of a building, to allow for safe access, in our managed parking area in the downtown. Most permits can be issued over-the-counter, same day. Some exceptions apply.

If you are looking for a Parade Permit or a Street Closure Permit that is not related to construction work, you can apply for these through the Juneau Police Department. More information and applications for these permits can be found here:

How to Apply

Visit our Permit Center at 230 South Franklin Street, on the 4th floor of the Marine View Building.
Complete a Right of Way Permit Application
Show our Permit Technician your desired spaces on our Downtown Juneau On-Street Parking Spaces Map, click below.

Permit Fees

$2.00 per space, per day
Maximum space closure is two weeks

Downtown Juneau On-Street Parking Spaces Map

Downtown Juneau On-Street Parking Spaces Map