Complaints – Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Program enforces Building Code (Title 19), Land Use Code (Title 49), and portions of the Litter Code (Title 36). Our goal is to bring properties along towards greater compliance, to create a safe and healthy situation for users of the property, and to reduce nuisance for neighbors.

Complaint Form

How do I file a complaint?

Complete this online Complaint Form
Call our Code Compliance Officer, Nate Watts, at 907.586.0752

What happens when a complaint is filed?

  1. Our Code Compliance Officer will conduct a site visit, to verify and document the issue, and determine if a code violation exists.
  2. If a violation is observed, the owner of the property will receive a Notice of Violation, or Building Permit Reminder, depending upon the offense.
  3. If the owner responds, methods for coming into compliance are discussed and agreed upon.
  4. If the owner does not respond, or is uncooperative, a second site visit is conducted, and another Notice of Violation is sent and/or a Citation is issued.
  5. If the owner still does not respond, or remains uncooperative, another Notice of Violation is sent, and a second Citation is issued.
  6. If after the third contact, the owner is still unresponsive, further steps will be taken, in partnership with the CBJ Law Department, to bring the situation into compliance with municipal code.

How long does it take to remedy a violation or nuisance?

If property owners are uncooperative, solutions can take some time. Please be assured that once a violation is reported, Community Development Code Compliance is working to remedy the situation in the most responsible and timely way that is legally possible. Below are some possible reasons for a situation to seem like progress is not being made fast enough:

  • Legal or administrative procedures have a very structured timeline. i.e. appeals, standing trial, extensions, or time to comply.
  • The willingness, but inability, of the owner to comply with the request.
  • What may seem to be zoning violation is in fact not a violation, or is a legally non-conforming use, or more time is needed to observe and gather information. If this is the case, staff will follow up with you and inform you of the matter.
  • The violation could re-occur once a case is remedied and closed. If this happens, a new complaint must be filed to open a new case.

What is a Community Development Enforcement Violation?

  • Junk:
    • Junk and debris scattered or piled on the property in a disorderly fashion (i.e. glass, paper, wood);
    • Salvage furniture, household items, and construction materials (i.e. tanks, drums, pipes, etc. strewn about the property); or,
    • Inoperable and abandoned vehicles parked on private property.
  • Business operating in or on residential properties without approval, or beyond the scope, of home occupation as defined in the Land Use Code (i.e. auto restoration, repair and/or sales and small services)
  • Use of single family dwelling as a multi family dwelling without permits
  • Use of a Recreational Vehicle (R/V) as living units outside an R/V Park
  • Construction without appropriate Building and Land Use Permits
  • Structurally unsafe buildings – CBJ does not handle complaints with respect to mold
  • Roosters in certain areas