Cross Connection Control Program

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The Community Development Department has implemented a program to regulate and enforce the maintenance and testing of reduced pressure principal and double check valve backflow prevention devices that protect our public drinking water from harmful contaminants.

  1. It is the responsibility of the property owner to have their devices maintained in good working order and to have them tested at the expense of the owner.
  2. Backflow prevention devices must be tested by a CBJ approved tester each calendar year.  A passing test report must be submitted for each device by November 1st of each calendar year.  A Notice of Violation will be sent after November 1st to property owners who have not complied with testing requirements.
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Special Note:

For some residential installations, the requirement for annual testing of the reduced pressure backflow assembly device on boiler water supplies may be waived if additives such as glycol have never been introduced to the system or have been flushed out and replaced with plain water.

If this applies to your system, you may call our office to arrange for a CBJ Building Department inspector to check the contents of your system free of charge. If the test indicates that the water system is free of glycol and additives, you can request to be added to a separate “residential water system verified free of contaminants” list of devices which are not required to be tested annually.  Owners of these devices are exempted of the requirement to