Appeals to the Assembly

This page provides documents for cases considered by the Assembly under the CBJ Appellate Code.

Please use the Notice of Appeal Form to begin the appeal process. Please note there is also a $500 filing fee required for appeals submitted to the Assembly under CBJ Code 01.50. Resolution 2693 Repealing Resolution 1828 and Reestablishing the Fees for Appeals.

Individual documents or a link to an active website are provided for cases currently on appeal to the Assembly. Document archives are provided for closed cases. Neither documents nor archives comprise a complete collection for each case. We make an effort to include all relevant documents, but some are provided to us as large collections of paper that are too bulky to post on a website. For example, the record of proceedings before the Planning Commission is usually not posted here. If you require an authoritative collection of documents, please contact the Municipal Clerk.

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 Appeal Date
Harris Homes, LLC vs. CBJ In Superior Court - State of AK 1st Judicial DistrictDecision on AppealMar 11, 2021
Tyson Lee vs. CBJ Planning Commission and Vertical BridgeDecision on AppealSep 30, 2020
Mountainside Estates Neighborhood Association, et. al. vs. Planning Commission and Michael and William HeumannDecision on AppealDec 27, 2019
Terraces at Lawson Creek (Juneau I VOA LLC, Juneau II VOA LLC, and Intrepid VOA LLC) vs. CBJ AssessorDecision on AppealAug 01, 2019
Harris Homes, LLC vs. CBJ CDD Before Hearing Officer for CBJ AssemblyDecision on AppealJul 26, 2019
Volunteers of America vs. CBJ Assessor Appeal 2018-01Decision on AppealJan 17, 2019
Juneau Seventh-Day Adventist Christian School vs. CBJ Assessor OAH 18-0758-MUNDecision on AppealNov 14, 2018
Juneau Church of the Nazarene vs. CBJ AssessorDecision on AppealOct 10, 2018
Southeast Alaska Land Trust v. CBJ AssessorDecision on AppealApr 05, 2017
Olmo, LLC v. CBJ Board of AdjustmentDecision on AppealFeb 14, 2017
Joe Meek and JCM Rentals, Inc. v. CBJ Planning Commission and Miller ConstructionDecision on AppealFeb 14, 2017
Bicknell, Inc. v. CBJ Planning Commission and Territorial Sportsman, Inc.Decision on AppealSep 10, 2015
Andrew Hughes, and Tall Timbers Neighborhood Assoc. v. CBJ Planning Commission and Haven HouseDecision on AppealMay 19, 2015
Zenk, et al. v. CBJ Planning CommissionDecision on AppealOct 02, 2014
Vick v. Animal Control BoardDecision on AppealAug 25, 2014
Richard Harris v. CBJ Planning CommissionDecision on Appeal (With Dissenting Opinion)Mar 19, 2014
Gerald P. O'Brien v. CBJ AssessorDecision on AppealDec 17, 2013
Bicknell, Inc. v. CBJ Planning Commission, and Mark W. KelleyStipulation for DismissalAug 07, 2013
Dau v. CBJ Planning Commission and Secon (Colaska, Inc.)Decision on AppealJun 13, 2013
Veterans for Peace v. CBJ Planning CommissionDecision on AppealApr 23, 2013
Edwin Cavagnaro v. CBJ AssessorDecision on AppealJan 08, 2013
Osbornes, Alaska Commercial Fishermen's Memorial and Dixie Hood v. CBJ Planning Commission, et al. (appeal of decision)Decision on AppealJan 07, 2013
Mattson, et al. v. CBJ Planning Commission (appeal of decision)Decision of Hearing OfficerDec 11, 2012
Janet Thrower v. CBJ Planning Commission, and Professional Plaza, Intervenor (appeal of decision)Stipulation for DismissalNov 19, 2012
International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302, AFL-CIO v. CBJ Personnel Board (appeal of decision)Decision on AppealOct 09, 2012
 Appeal Date