Finance Department

CBJ Finance Department Phone Numbers:

Call (907) 586-5215 for all services

Please use the automated call attendant, or dial one of these four digit extensions at any time:

Public Services

4905 – Account Balances or Payments (cash office)
4901 – Sales Tax (filing information, seniors)
4907 – Property Tax & General Billing (accounts receivable)
4032 – Parking Tickets
4908 – Collections (past due accounts including utility shutoffs)
4903 – Accounts Payable
4902 – Payroll (for CBJ employees only)
4910 – Purchasing
4906 – Assessor’s Office (assessments, exemptions)

Finance Leadership Staff

4063 – Controller, Sarita Knull
4048 – Treasurer, Ruth Kostik
4033 – Assessor, Mary Hammond
4071 – Purchasing Officer, Renee Loree
4058 – Budget Manager, Adrien Speegle

Property Tax Delinquencies-Real Property Only updated September 1, 2023

Property Tax Delinquencies-Mobile Homes Only updated September 1, 2023

Property Tax Delinquencies-Personal Property Only updated September 1, 2023

Sales Tax Delinquencies updated March 31, 2023

Headshot of Angie Flick

Angie Flick

Director of Finance



Bids & RFPs
Sales Tax Office
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Assessor Office
Assessor Forms
Senior Citizen Tax Benefits
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