Plastic bottles for recycling


Hazardous Waste Items - Paint, motor oil, chemicals


Stacks of crushed cars.


Eagles at the landfill.

Recycling Center

5600 Tonsgard Ct

Tuesday – Friday          7:00am  –  5:00pm

Saturday                        8:00am  –  5:00pm

Household Hazardous Waste

5600 Tonsgard Ct

Thursday – Saturday      8:00am  –  4:30pm

Business drop off by appointment only  – Call 780-6691 and leave a message or email [email protected] for questions or to setup an appointment.

Junk Vehicle Disposal

1725 Anka St

Summer Hours – March 1st – October 1st

Mon – Sat: 8AM – 5PM

Sun: Closed 

Winter Hours – October 1st- March 1st

Tues – Sat: 8AM – 5PM

Sun & Mon: Closed

Welcome to CBJ RecycleWorks!

The CBJ RecycleWorks program provides recycling, household hazardous waste, and junk vehicle services to residents and businesses in Juneau. Our goal is to provide cost effective and environmentally sound services that help conserve natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of our solid waste.

We serve the residents of Juneau through administration of contractual operations, providing education and outreach to the community, and ensuring regulatory compliance of our programs.

Click the images above to learn more about each RecycleWorks programs. 

Please note: Garbage collection, curbside co-mingled recycling, and composting programs are offered by private businesses, the City and Borough of Juneau does not regulate or control garbage services.  Click here for more info.