Marijuana Business Licenses

Photo Courtesy of Stoned Salmon Farms

Marijuana Businesses operating in the City and Borough of Juneau must have a local business license, in addition to their State of Alaska business license. The CBJ issues business licenses for marijuana retail, cultivation, product manufacturing, and testing facilities. The flow chart below is our recommended order for completing the CBJ Business Licensing Process in the most efficient way possible, and has been designed to run concurrently with the State processes. To schedule inspections, please call 907.586.1703.

1. Schedule a Pre-Application Conference

Send your request for a pre-application conference, your project narrative, and all plans and drawings, to [email protected]. Visit our Pre-Application Conference webpage for more information on this.

2. Obtain a Conditional Use Permit

Your pre-application conference will prepare you for this step. Please allow approximately 6-7 weeks from the time you submit a complete application for the Conditional Use Permit, until the time the Planning Commission hears your proposal.

3. Obtain a Building Permit

Most marijuana establishments require the construction or renovation of a structure to accommodate their new use. To determine the type of building permit you’ll need, and view submittal requirements, please visit our Interactive Model for Commercial Construction.

4. Submit Application with State Marijuana Control Office

The State Marijuana Licensing Process should run concurrently with this CBJ Marijuana Licensing Process. At this point, you have been constructing or remodeling your structure to accommodate the specific marijuana use, and are within 4 – 6 months of being ready to operate.

5. Apply for CBJ Marijuana Business License

Submit the Marijuana Business License Application along with the other required items listed in the application. You can email this to [email protected] and pay with a credit card over the phone, or visit our Permit Center. We recommend submitting this application immediately after submitting your application to the State Marijuana Control Office.

6. Schedule CBJ Marijuana Licensing Inspections

There are three inspections required in the CBJ Marijuana Business Licensing Process from Zoning, Building, and Fire. These are in addition to inspections you receive as part of your Building Permit Process, and as part of your State Licensing Process. These inspections come prior to opening, but after most construction work is complete. Call our Inspection Request Line at 907.586.1703, or visit our Online Inspection Request, to schedule a time.

7. Post CBJ Business License and Health Warning

After you have passed all three CBJ Marijuana Business License Inspections, you will be given a physical copy of your CBJ Business License, along with two Health Warning Signs. These three items are to be prominently displayed in your marijuana establishment, in a conspicuous location inside the licensed premises, near the main entrance.

8. Renew CBJ Marijuana Business License

By November 1st of each year, a marijuana business must have scheduled a renewal inspection, to be conducted by Zoning, Building, and Fire. These inspections are to be conducted between December 1st – 24th to allow time for any slight modifications, if needed. To do this, please visit our Permit Center to submit a Marijuna Business License Renewal, and pay the annual renewal fee of $250.

9. Post Renewed CBJ Marijuana Business License

Once all renewal inspections have been passed, you will receive a renewed CBJ Marijuana Business License, which will allow you to operate in Juneau for the next full calendar year. This is to be posted by the door of the business establishment in a conspicuous location. Please be advised that the State of Alaska and the City and Borough of Juneau work on different renewal schedules.