Sidewalk Vending

Our Sidewalk Vending Program is designed to provide opportunity for businesses of all sizes to capitalize on Juneau’s tourism and local economies, while adding value and vibrancy to the downtown.


Each year, opportunities to reserve a vending space in Downtown Juneau are presented on a first come, first serve basis. Applications are accepted beginning October 1, until spaces are sold out.

Street & Sidewalk Vending Specifications
Must maintain at least four feet (4) of unobstructed sidewalk space between the cart and the edge of the sidewalk, is limited to twenty (20) square feet, and must be easily moved by one (1) person. We recommend a cart with wheels, that is 4′ x 5′.

Sidewalk Cafes for Existing Restaurants Specifications
Tables, chairs, and other items must be removed from the sidewalk each evening at the close of business. Four (4) feet of unobstructed sidewalk space must be preserved for sidewalk traffic. No Smoking signage must be present. 

$50 non refundable application fee

Vendors May Sell
Visual art depicting Southeast Alaskan scenes or history;
Goods handcrafted, primarily from materials indigenous to Southeast Alaska and vended directly by the permit holder;
Goods characteristic of the Russian-American period before October 18, 1867;
Goods characteristic of the early territorial period before 1930; and,
Goods characteristic of the heritage or culture of the Alaskan Natives of Southeast and sold directly by the artist

How to Apply
Identify your desired location using this map.
Note any special conditions that may apply to your preferred space, using this resource.
Complete our Street and Sidewalk Vending Application.
Submit your application and payment to the Permit Center by stopping by, calling 907.586.0770, or emailing
Submit Seasonal Vendor Permit Certificate of Compliance Form – staff can assist if needed.


Vending in Marine Park in Downtown Juneau, Savikko Park in South Douglas, and all other parks, is managed by Dave Pusich with Parks and Recreation. You may contact him at 907.586.5226 or

Photo Courtesy of Patrick McGonegal