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Jeanne Rynne
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John Bohan PE
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Alan Steffert PE
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Steve Tada
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Lisa EaganLagerquist
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Jeffrey Thole
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Capital Transit Valley Transfer Station

Work has begun on the Capital Transit Valley Transfer Station site, located along the Mendenhall Mall Road between Asiana Garden restaurant and NAPA Auto Parts store.  Construction will occur between September 2021 and June 2022.  Throughout this September there will be intermittent traffic delays and construction flagging during low-traffic daytime hours while performing underground utility work across Riverside Drive.  The overall project includes a new transit station that will be utilized as a rider transfer site, driver breakroom, public restroom, bus shelters, and parking lot for transit users.  Also included with the site are several electric vehicle chargers and bicycle lockers.

CBJ Project Manager:  Alec Venechuk, PE – ((07) 586-0800 ext. 4187, [email protected]

Contractor: Admiralty Construction – (907) 780-3555

Inspection Team: Wilson Engineering – (907) 586-2100


Crest Street Reconstruction

Crest Street Reconstruction work started in the Fall of 2021 is complete.  The remainder of Crest Street (between Yandukin Dr. and Mallard St. will be completed beginning in the Spring of 2022.  This work will be completed by the end of the summer.  New roadway, sidewalk, street lighting, and drainage features will be constructed as part of this project.

CBJ Project Manager: Alec Venechuk, PE – (907) 586-0800 Ext. 4187, [email protected]

Contractor: North40 Construction Corp – (907) 780-6866

Inspection Team: DOWL Engineering – (907) 780-3533


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Greg Smith
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Cristian Crabtree
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Susan Settje
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Bridget LaPenter
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Eric Vogel
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Laura Williams
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Denise Koch
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VACANT Deputy Director
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Breckan Hendricks
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Dianna Robinson
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Ashley Heimbigner
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