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Auke Lake Wayside Improvements Project has started.

Work will continue until approximately the middle of May.  Auke Lake Trail will remain open during the project.  Parking lot may be closed intermittently.  Heavy equipment will be present.  Please use caution.  For information, contact CBJ Project Manager Paul Beck at 907-586-0800 or Paul.Beck@juneau.org; or PDC Engineer, Micki Minsch at 907-586-6060 or mickiminsch@pdceng.com.

Hospital Dr. Reconstruction Underway

All users will experience traffic changes.  Please be cautious.  Contact:  CBJ Project Manager John Nelson at 907-586-0800 or john.nelson@juneau.org; or Justin Kanouse with DOWL at 907-723-9701 or jkanouse@dowl.com.  For information on Bus stop changes contact Capital Transit at 907-789-6901.

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