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Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description
03-25-2014VAR2014 0002John & Melinda Lamb

A Variance request to replace and extend existing deck to property line.

03-11-2014CSP2014 0001CBJ

Review of Stikine Street drainage improvements for consistency with Title 49 and adopted plans.

03-11-2014VAR2014 0004Stephen Lee

Variance request to reduce the rear yard setback from 8 feet to 2 feet and the street sideyard setback from 17 feet to 2 feet to build a 352 square foot garage.

03-11-2014USE2014 0002Jensen Yorba Lott Inc.

A Conditional Use permit to expand the manufacturing, retail, and tasting areas of the Alaskan Brewery.

03-11-2014USE2014 0003NorthWind Architects

Conditional Use for an outdoor seasonal restaurant in a landslide and avalanche zone.

02-25-2014USE2013 0038Alaska Glacier Seafoods Inc

A modification of a Conctional Use Permit to allow 'value added' processing.

02-25-2014USE2014 0001Shane Hooten

Conditional Use Permit for a 2400 sq ft exercise studio and office space in an industrial zone.

02-25-2014CSP2013 0009City and Borough of Juneau

Planning Commission Review of and Recommendation to the Assembly regarding the 2013 Capital Transit Recommended Service Scenario.

02-25-2014AME2014 0001AWARE, Inc.

Application to rezone 1.3 acres of Lot 2, Two Lot Subdivision, a fraction of USS 1075, from D5 to General Commercial.

02-25-2014TXT2009-00007City and Borough of Juneau

Draft Wireless Telecommuncation Ordinance + Master Plan

Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description