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Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description
12-10-2013VAR2013 0022Kris Barnum

A Variance request to reduce the lot depth dimensional standard for a bungalow lot from 80 feet to 66 feet in a D-18 zone.

12-10-2013CSP2013 0026AK DOT&PF

Review of AK DOT&PF safety improvement project at Glacier Hwy and Old Dairy Road/Trout Street intersection for consistency with adopted plans.

12-10-2013CSP2013 0029City and Borough of Juneau

A City project to construct the Eaglecrest Learning Center; a new 8,660 square foot two story building.

12-10-2013USE2013 0036Greta Wade & Laurent Dick

Conditional Use to add second story to single family residence that sits within the required setbacks.

11-26-2013AAP2013 0019Halibut House, LLC.

A Conditional Use Permit for an accessory apartment on a substandard sized lot.

11-26-2013USE2013 0035Alaska Rent A Car, INC

Conditional Use permit for overflow parking of vehicle inventory on land zoned Light Commercial.

11-26-2013AME2013 0009Northwind Architects LLC

Requested zone change from Waterfront Commercial to General Commercial of the Auke Bay Post Office property would allow for remodel of existing office space into 7 apartments; residential property on north side of Glacier Hwy. would also be re-zoned to General Commercial from Light Commercial.

11-26-2013AME2013 0011Pat McMurtrie

Request to rezone USS 3246 Tracts 1A, 2A1, and 2A2 from D5 to D15.

11-26-2013AME2013 0015 Part 1Bicknell Inc

Rezone 82 acres of RR to a mixture of Industrial, Commercial and Rural Reserve.

11-26-2013AME2013 0015 Part 2Bicknell Inc

Rezone 82 acres of RR to a mixture of Industrial, Commercial and Rural Reserve.

Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description