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Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description
12-20-2011AAP20110014Michael Saltzman

A Conditional Use permit for an accessory apartment on a lot not served by city sewer.

12-20-2011CSP20110008John Nelson, CBJ Engineering

A City consistency review of the reconstruction of Berners Avenue.


A Variance to widen and straighten the roadway between the North Eagle Beach Kayak Launch and Bessie Creek within 330 feet of 10 eagle nests, including potential damage to 7 nests by fly rock from blasting.

12-20-2011VAR20110027Michele Elfers, CBJ Engineering

A Variance request to the 50' streamside setback of Duck Creek for the installation of a water line and meter.

11-22-2011VAR20110025Rich Coneen, Architect

A Variance request to exceed the 10' maximum height standard for a canopy projecting into a city owned right-of-way.

11-22-2011VAR20110024Linda Orr

Variance to minimum lot size for lots fronting on a minor arterial and to the requirement for a common access point for a future proposal of a four lot subdivision.

11-22-2011AAP20110012Nick & Kathleen Goddard

A Conditional Use permit request to establish an accessory apartment within an existing home on a 10,018 square foot lot.

11-15-2011Planning Commission Goals & Priorities

Dated 10-06-2011

11-15-2011Major Goals of Community Development
11-15-2011Planning Commission goals & priorities

dated 10-06-2011

Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description