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Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description
01-08-2013AME2012 0014CBJ

Amend the Land Use Code to eliminate the vegetative cover requirement in the MU (Mixed Use) zone district and to require Public Institutional Uses to provide the same vegetative cover as required in the underlying zone district.

01-08-2013VAR2012 0029R&S Construction LLC

A variance request to the requirement that lots be designed to conform to a minimum rectangle of 100' by 100' in a D-3 zone district - CBJ 49.15.460.(4)(A)(i)(b).

01-08-2013VAR2012 0032Colin S. Shanley

Variance to reduce on-site parking from 2 to 0 for a new single family dwelling.

01-08-2013AME2012 0013CBJ

Revise the Downtown Historic District boundary to remove one block from the existing district.

01-08-2013USE2012 0021Bethany Baptist Church

Construct a 3,500 square foot church.

01-08-2013CSP2012 0017State of Alaska and PF

Glacier Hwy and Mendenhall Loop Road intersection safety improvements (aka Auke Bay roundabout).

01-08-2013CSP2012 0018City and Borough of Juneau

Perpetual driveway easement through CBJ property in association with Auke Bay transportation improvements.

01-08-2013AME2012 0013 Additional Materials from SealaskaAdditional Materials from Sealaska
Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description