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Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description
02-12-2013USE2012 0023 & CSP2013 0004 Part 2MRV Architects

A Conditional Use permit and City Project review for a 120-bed dormitory residence with connected meeting space, study rooms, seminar space, and shared laundry.

02-12-2013SMP2012 0002R & S Construction LLC

Major subdivision resulting in 5 new lots.

02-12-2013AME2013 0001CBJ

Map amendment change: Re-classify a portion of Auke Rec Bypass road to Minor Arterial from Local Access Street; and a portion of Old Glacier Highway to Local Access Street from a Minor Arterial.

02-12-2013CSP2013 0003CBJ

Planning commission review and discussion of CIP and project nomination.

02-12-2013VAR2012 0033MRV Architects

Request for height variance from required 35 feet to 47 feet for proposed dormitory.

02-12-2013VAR2013 0001Nathan Overson

Request for height variance from required 35 feet to 47 feet for proposed dormitory.

02-12-2013SMP2012 0001Bicknell Inc

Montana Creek West PUD Phase 2A : Major Subdivision rsulting in 12 new lots.

01-22-2013VAR2012 0031Aniakchak Incorporated

A variance to allow a subdivision along an un-built, City right-of-way not maintained by a government agency.

01-22-2013VAR2012 0030Ken Huse

A variance to reduce the front yard setback from 14.6 ft to 4 ft (eave projection to 0.5 ft of property line) for reconstruction and expansion of existing garage and accessory building.

01-22-2013CSP2013 0001 & CSP2013 0002State of Alaska, DOT

CSP13-01; Illuminate Egan Drive from Norway Point to the McNugget intersection. CSP13-02; Easement on municipal property for an electrical connection, to support an ADOT project for a continuous lighting system along Egan Drive.

Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description