Vending & Facility Use Permits

Vending and/or Facility Use permits are required for certain activities carried out on Parks & Recreation property. Read through the various permits available and the scenarios to find out what you will need. Then start the process early in order to obtain the necessary permits prior to your event.

Vending Permits

are required for all commercial or non-profit sales of food and/or general merchandise on park lands. A list of required documents that must be submitted is included on the Vending Permit Application.

Non-Profit fees per site: $45 first operational day, $15 each additional day

Commercial fees per site: $70 first operational day, $20 each additional day

Marine Park fees per site : $1,000/month

Marine Park Vending

Three vending locations are available in Marine Park for the 2023 summer season. Each vending location measures 10 feet by 10 feet. This RFI for Commercial Vending in Marine Park is designed to give all who may be interested an opportunity to submit their applications. Applications are accepted beginning Wednesday, March 1. The application period closes at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 14.

This does not include downtown sidewalks or street vending; for those locations please contact the Permit Center (Community Development) at 907-586-0770.

Vending Permit Application

This is an image of crowds at the July 4th food vendors at Savikko Park.Applications to vend at Savikko Park during the 4th of July celebration will be accepted beginning May 26, 2023. Applications are due to Dave Pusich no later than 4:30 p.m. on June 23, 2023.

Please note, applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and must include all required documentation to be accepted (Vending Application plus applicable attachments).

Vending Permit Application

A Facility Use Permit is required to host an event on/in any CBJ Parks & Recreation managed park land, trail/trailhead, or facility. This includes, but is not limited to: community gatherings, concerts, markets, fun/color runs, timed runs, bicycle races, etc.

A Certificate of Insurance naming CBJ as additional insurance must be submitted at the time of application. If your event will be using any form of amplified sound (live band, speaker system, etc.) you will need to complete the Amplified Sound Permit application as well.

Vending Scenarios

Bob is renting the shelter to throw a party for all his incredible peeps in the P&R Department. Bob will be having Karl, who by the way is an incredible cook, BBQ gourmet Kobe burgers on his propane grill.

This event does not require a vending permit or an open flame permit. This type of event is only for P&R staff, not for the public, and it’s free.

Bob decides that Karl’s cooking stinks, so he hires a local catering company to cook the food.

This event requires a vending permit from P&R but no open flame permit is required because this event is only for P&R staff. It’s free to us, but a caterer is being used.

Bob decides that since it’s the department’s Day of Play, he wants to throw a massive event and invite the public to come meet his incredible P&R staff and eat some amazing catered food.

This event requires a vending permit from the department AND an open flame permit for the BBQ (or any open flame, including use of sterno and other food warming devices) from the fire department.

Any events that are PUBLIC events at which food is provided, whether it is free or they charge for it are required to have an open flame permit.

General Permit Information:

  • All permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis except for Marine Park.
  • The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation requires all food vendors to obtain a Food Establishment Permit.
  • Non-profit organizations are required to provide a copy of a 501(c)(3) IRS form.
  • Vendors are also required to provide a broker’s certificate of public liability insurance.
  • Completed applications for use must be submitted at least one week in advance of the requested date.

Open Flame Permit

For public events, open flame permits are required for cooking/heating with an open flame, including use of sterno or other food warming devices.

Private events do not require an open flame permit.

Open flame permits are issued through the Permit Center (Community Development Department) in conjunction with the Fire Marshal’s office – 907-586-0770.

To apply, use the Permit Center’s Online Permit Application.

  • In the Permit Type drop down select “Other Permits”
  • In the description box list: Open Flame for [your dates]
  • Equipment you’ll be using (ex: grill, fryer, sterno heat source, etc.)
  • Any other applicable information
  • Or call 586-0770 to speak with a permit technician

Cost is $50 per vendor. The permit is valid for one use as described in the ‘fire permit’ application, and can only be used for the purpose indicated.

Open flame permits are for cooking/heating with an open flame for public events whereas open burn permits are for residential burns (small backyard type of burns and burn barrel) or development burns (burning of uprooted trees, stumps or other natural vegetation in connection with the construction of buildings or the clearing of vegetation to enhance property value, etc.).

Submit completed applications to:

Dave Pusich
155 South Seward St. Room 218
Juneau, AK 99801

Vending & permit questions?

Dave Pusich
907-586-5226 x4143