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Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description
07-12-2011CSP2011 0004City & Borough of Juneau

A lease on city land for a proposed telecommunications tower associated with Conditional Use permit # USE20110013.

07-12-2011USE2011 0013Atlas Tower LLC

A 175-foot tall telecommunications tower off of Fish Creek Road on Douglas Island.

06-28-2011USE20110011Andsoh Associates LLC

Conditional Use permit for a motorcycle track and training facility.

06-28-2011USE20110009Coogan General LLC

To add 4 mobile home spaces and modify traffic patterns in Creekside Mobile Home Park.


Expansion of the Parking District-1 overlay boundary.

06-14-2011AME20110001City & Borough of Juneau

Rezone of land in the Peterson Hill area; Wildmeadow Lane

06-14-2011VAR20110013Gerald Gotschall

Variance request to reduce the side yard setback from 5' to 3' for an addition.

06-14-2011VAR2011 0012Paul D. Douglas

A variance request to reduce the front yard setback from 20' to 17' to accomodate construction of a single-family home.


A variance request to reduce the front yard setback from 20 feet to 17 feet to accommodate construction of a single-family dwelling.

06-14-2011CSP2011 0003Joe Castillo

A city project to extend city sanitary sewer system to North Douglas
Phase V, LID 91.

Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantProject Description