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Notice of Public Hearing Archive

Meeting DateCase NumberProject Description
09-09-2014AAP2014 0012

Conditional Use permit for an accessory apartment on a substandard size lot in the D5 zoning district.

09-09-2014VAR2014 0017 & VAR2014 0018

VAR2014 0017: A Variance to reduce the side yard setback of adjoining lots for a new covered parking deck.
VAR2014 0018: A Variance to reduce the front yard setback from 10' to 0' for a new covered parking deck.

09-09-2014VAR2014 0015

Variance request to reduce the front yard setback from 20 feet to 5 feet for the construction of a single family residence in the D3 zoning district.

08-26-2014CSP2014 0013

A City Project and Land Action Review for two easements over City property to provide access to Hidden Valley Tract B in the upper Lemon Creek Valley.

08-26-2014AME2014 0009

An Application to Rezone Lot 3 of Black Bear Subdivision at the south end of Silver Street from D-1 to D-3.

08-26-2014AME2013 0016

Rezone of approximately 245 acres of RR(T)D3 to D3 and RR(T)D15 to D15 and approximately 40 acres of D1(T)D3 to D3 along North Douglas Highway.

08-21-2014UNL2014 0001

Use Not Listed determination for re-entry housing for women coming out of prison in the D-5 zoning district per 49.20.230.

08-12-2014CSP2014 0016

Local concurrency review for Lawson Creek Bridge maintenance.

08-12-2014CSP2014 0015

State consistency permit for DOT/PF to install road block gates along Thane Roadd for increased avalanche safety.

08-12-2014VAR2014 0014

A Variance request to allow construction of a single family home within the 330 foot required setback for an eagle's nest.

Meeting DateCase NumberProject Description