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Notice of Public Hearing Archive

Meeting DateCase NumberProject Description
11-25-2014AME2013 0016

Residential rezone of 43 parcels along North Douglas Highway.

10-28-2014USE2014 0012

Conditional Use Permit for tourism operation on Shelter Island.

10-28-2014USE2014 0012- POSTPONED

Conditional Use permit for tourism operation on Shelter Island.

10-28-2014VAR2014 0022; VAR2014 0023; VAR2014 0024

VAR2014 0022: A variance to reduce one side yard setback from 10' to 0' and another to reduce one side yard setback from 10? to 5?.

VAR2014 0023: A variance to reduce the parking aisle width from 24' to 19' for a new office building.

VAR2014 0024: A variance to increase the maximum height from 35' to 47' for a roofop elevator/ stairwell enclosure of a new office building.

10-28-2014CSP2014 0019

City Project Review for relocating Capital Transit's Valley transfer station from the back of the Nugget Mall on Mallard Street to Pipeline Skate Park located at 2400 Mendenhall Loop Road.

10-14-2014USE2014 0008

Conditional Use permit for transitional housing for up to nine women coming out of prison.

10-14-2014CSP2014 0018

A City Consistency permit for temporary parking at the 'Bridge Park' under the Juneau-Douglas Bridge.

09-23-2014AAP2014 0013

A Conditional Use Permit for an accessory on a lot not served by city sewer.

09-23-2014USE2014 0013 & VAR2014 0019

Conditional use for a 42 unit housing with 8,000 square feet of commerical space - Home Run Complex, St Vincent De Paul Variance to reduce parking requirement from 93 parking spaces to 62 parking spaces for Home Run Complex St Vincent De Paul

09-23-2014USE2014 0013 & VAR2014 0019

USE2014 0013: Conditional Use Permit for 42 units of multi-family housing and 8,000 square feet of commercial space.
VAR2014 0019: A Variance request to reduce the parking from 93 to 62 spaces for a new four-story building with 42 units of affordable senior housing and 8,000 square feet of retail/office space.

Meeting DateCase NumberProject Description