Use of Force & #8CANTWAIT

I want to thank our community for reaching out to the Juneau Police Department.  We value citizen involvement, and we have a history of seeking out citizen engagement.  Today, JPD will be publishing its policy on Use of Force, as well as, a detailed response to the “8CantWait” recommendations.

ROM 2.000 Use of Force will be available on the JPD website at  Our policies are constantly evolving based on best practices and feedback from our stakeholders.  This policy was most recently updated on March 17, 2016.

We will also be adding to the JPD website and Facebook page a detailed response to 8CantWait.  Most of the recommendations are already in place at JPD.  The ones we do not follow have justifications as to why.

We truly appreciate the ongoing dialog with the people of Juneau.  I hope the posting of these two items will help to answer questions on how JPD polices our community.

Chief Ed Mercer

Use of Force Policy
Use of Force Demographics