Identity Crime Investigation

Identity Crime is an emerging crime and can happen to anyone. With the popularity of on-line shopping and the frequent use of credit cards it can be frustrating for both the police and the victims of these crimes because the people committing these crimes are not always in the same area as the victim.  To help make reporting this crime easier for you the Juneau Police Department has developed a procedure that, we hope, will help streamline the process.

If you are a victim of identity theft and live within the City & Borough of Juneau and another law enforcement agency has not taken the report, call JPD!  Our officers will record criminal complaints of identity theft, provide you with necessary information to help restore your pre-crime status, provide you with copies of crime reports as required by state and federal law, and work with other law enforcement agencies as well as financial institutions to solve identity crime cases.

The International Association of Chief of Police (IACP) and the Bank of America have teamed up to provide toolkits to help you prevent identity crime and recover from it if you have been an unfortunate victim.