At-Risk Community Program

The Juneau Police Department (JPD) is dedicated to ensuring that community members can live safely and without fear.  At times, our officers and dispatchers work calls for service with individuals who are “at-risk” for a number of reasons.  An “at-risk” person can range from a teen with profound autism to an elderly person with severe dementia and many reasons in between.  During these interactions, our ability to communicate effectively is of the utmost importance.  If someone is non-verbal, unable to tell us where they live, or unable to indicate their emergency contacts’ information, this can hamper our ability to care for them effectively.

As a means to address this communication gap, JPD is starting the ARC (At-Risk Community) Program.  This program allows family members or caregivers to complete a simple form with basic information about the at-risk person in their care.  This program is completely voluntary, and caregivers can withdraw from the program at any time.  We ask that caregivers provide some basic personal details regarding the at-risk individual, a short description of their behaviors or topics that have both positive and negative effects, and a photograph of the individual.

The gathered information will be stored internally at JPD and will not be shared with anyone outside of JPD.

To register for the ARC Program, please click the link below to the form, or stop in to JPD during normal business hours.  If completing the form electronically, it can be emailed to [email protected].

It is important that this program contains accurate and up-to-date information.  We request that you provide an updated photograph annually, as well as, update any information from the form as it changes.  Out-of-date information will be removed from the program.

Registration Form – Word Version
Registration Form – PDF Version