Unclaimed Property

Notice of Disposable Property

This page is designed to give official notice regarding unclaimed property that has remained in the possession of the Juneau Police Department. The property includes items that were seized as evidence, found property or safekeeping property. Property that remains unclaimed will be disposed of in accordance with State and CBJ statutes.

  • Unclaimed property will be held for 90 days.
  • Unclaimed money will be held for 6 months.

Claiming Ownership of Property

Any person who feels they have a legal claim to an item included in the Unclaimed Property list, with reasonable proof of ownership, should contact the Property & Evidence Unit at (907) 500-0827 Monday through Friday between the hours of 08:00am and 4:30pm.

APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO CLAIM PROPERTY. Owners, finders, or third parties who provide a notarized letter from the true owner, must contact the Property & Evidence Department at (907) 500-0827 to schedule to an appointment for property releases. ITEMS WILL NOT BE RELEASED WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!

FINDERS MAY CLAIM PROPERTY – If the true owner does not appear during the required period mentioned above, the person who finds the property can claim ownership.  The finder must submit a written notice to the Juneau Police Department stating their intentions to make a claim to the item(s) as the finder.  The finder is responsible for keeping track of when the required time period expires, and their notification of intent to claim the property must be received before that date. Written notices should be addressed to:

Juneau Police Department
Attn: Property & Evidence Unit
6255 Alaway Avenue
Juneau, AK  99801

*City & Borough of Juneau employees who find an item while performing a regular duty are not eligible to claim ownership of unclaimed property.*

OWNERS OR FINDERS FORFEIT ALL RIGHTS, INTEREST OR CLAIMS to anything not claimed within the required timeframe mentioned above. The property will be considered abandoned and the Juneau Police Department will dispose of unclaimed property by any means, including destruction, conversion, or sale through public auction. The proceeds from any sale, along with any unclaimed cash, will be deposited to the general fund with the City and Borough of Juneau.

Any property coming into possession of JPD which the Chief of Police or designee determine to be dangerous or perishable may be disposed of immediately, without notice.

Unclaimed Property List