Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is about partnership. It is a partnership with the community and  law enforcement agencies. Its goal is to reduce crime and increase awareness in a neighborhood.

In 1972, the National Sheriff’s Association started the Neighborhood Watch Program. Since its inception, the program has united law enforcement, public and private entities, and citizens of a community in an effort to reduce crime all across the country.

By opening up to the community on a personal level, law enforcement agencies are able to listen to concerns in a specific area, and offer assistance and guidance on how to reduce the activity. A law enforcement official’s presence in a neighborhood may be influenced by the number of calls for service received in that area. A resident of the neighborhood is there more frequently, and is aware of the issues that are going on. If these concerns are presented to a law enforcement official, an action plan can be implemented.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is not about vigilantism. A member of a community is not expected to take matters into their own hands unless absolutely necessary. The police should be notified of the activity, and the situation monitored from a safe distance.

Some tips for beginning your own Neighborhood Watch Program:

  • Contact your neighbors, and see who is interested in participating.
  • Hold a meeting with your interested neighbors, and decide on the biggest issues to discuss with a law enforcement official.
  • Contact the Juneau Police Department to arrange a formal meeting.
  • Let us know what your main concerns are. We will do some research to see what kind of calls for service JPD has responded to in your area
  • Then, decide on a date, time, and place to meet.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a positive idea for community. It strengthens neighborhood friendships, builds a bridge between law enforcement and the community, and improves quality of life.

For more information on Neighborhood Watch Programs, please refer to this website:

If you would like more information on how JPD can help you get started with putting together a Neighborhood Watch, please contact the Juneau Police Department at:

Phone: (907) 586-0600

Or stop by the department at 6255 Alaway Avenue

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