Car Seat Inspections

Bartlett Regional Hospital offers free car seat inspections by appointment only. This is a free inspection where Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will assist you and assess for proper car seat use, safety, and installation. Replacement seats may be available at minimum expense for those who qualify.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call Bartlett Regional Hospital @ 907-796-8975.  Additional information is available online at or

Is your child in the right seat?

Infants Toddlers Youngsters
Weight Up to 20-35lbs Over 1 year and 20-40lbs Over 40lbs up to 65lbs
Height Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations Up to 4’9″ tall
Type Infant only or rear-facing convertible Forward-facing/convertible Belt positioning booster
Position Rear-facing only Forward-facing Forward-facing
Notes Harness straps at or below sholder level Harness straps at or above sholder level Must be used with lap and sholder belt

Keep children rear facing as long as possible
Manufacturer weight/height limits may vary.