Missing Persons

The Juneau Police Department is responsible for assisting agencies in coordinating, investigating and responding to reporting parties on cases involving missing persons.

Anyone with information regarding a missing person is encouraged to contact the Juneau Police Department at (907) 586-0600.  If you want to remain anonymous, please submit tips through Juneau Crime Line.

The Missing Persons Clearinghouse (MPC) falls under the Alaska Bureau of Investigation (ABI) and tracks all missing persons cases reported within Alaska. The MPC serves as the central repository regarding both juvenile and adult victims and serves as a gateway into various national missing persons databases.  The U.S. Department of Justice maintains the ‘National Missing and Unidentified Persons System’, which includes a database for missing persons.  Their list may contain cases in the surrounding Juneau area that are Alaska State Trooper cases.

Missing Person information on this page is updated periodically. Cases may have been updated since the last website update. New missing person cases go through a reporting process and may not be available right away. If any information on this page is incorrect, please contact the Juneau Police Department at (907) 586-0600 and ask to speak with the Special Operations Lieutenant. 

You do not need to wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person.

  • If the individual is a vulnerable person, such as a child, developmentally disabled or elderly person, call 9-1-1.
  • If there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the individual, call 9-1-1.
  • For other cases, call the JPD non-emergency number at (907) 586-0600

List of Missing Persons

Main photo of Lorenzo Anthony Holmes

Lorenzo Anthony Holmes

Case: 220809-001

Last Contact:


Main photo of John  Franklin Godfrey

John Franklin Godfrey

Case: 190729-015

Last Contact:


Main photo of Tracy  Lynn Day

Tracy Lynn Day

Case: 190322-006

Last Contact:


Main photo of Sheridan  Scott Stringer

Sheridan Scott Stringer

Case: 171205-017

Last Contact:


Main photo of Christopher  Edward Orcutt

Christopher Edward Orcutt

Case: 160902-002

Last Contact:


Main photo of Loridee  June Wilson

Loridee June Wilson

Case: 160404-005

Last Contact:


Main photo of Sharon  Gay Buis

Sharon Gay Buis

Case: 140530-009

Last Contact:


Main photo of Frederick  Harrison Howard

Frederick Harrison Howard

Case: 090823-011

Last Contact:


Main photo of Gabriel  Adams Demmert

Gabriel Adams Demmert

Case: 080323-009

Last Contact:


Main photo of David  Post George

David Post George

Case: 2007-007290

Last Contact:


Main Photo - No Image Available

Mitsuo Frank Okazaki

Case: 2001-028972

Last Contact:


Main photo of Richard  Wilson Wright  JR

Richard Wilson Wright JR

Case: 2000-035381

Last Contact:


Main photo of Darryl  Bruce Fawcett

Darryl Bruce Fawcett

Case: 1999-016678

Last Contact:


Main photo of Martin Ebona  III

Martin Ebona III

Case: 93008925

Last Contact:


Main photo of Jan Mlot

Jan Mlot

Case: 88000200

Last Contact:


What to do if a person goes missing?