Student Code Certification Program

Project Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact Program Manager, Jeffrey Hedges
at 907.586.0768 or send an email to:

Student Code Certification Program

The Student Code Certificate Program allows students to earn a certificate of completion through the International Code Council (ICC). The pilot project for this hands-on program was the construction of homes on Jackie Street in the Renninger Subdivision.

This program allows students, under the instruction of a certified building professional, to progress through the construction of homes, while applying the concepts of the International Residential Code (IRC) to ensure proper construction and compliance to adopted building codes. Students review the IRC book and study companion, and take practice exams, with the goal of graduating with an ICC  certification.

“These kids are excited about what they’re doing and having fun doing it, having fun learning. They’re very attentive and ask a lot of questions. Teaching them about building codes and standards gives them something practical and useful in the real world of construction. It tells them why and how they’re doing it.…” -Jeffrey Hedges

For more information about registering a youth for this program, please contact the Jeffrey Hedges with the CBJ Community Development Department.

For more detailed program information, visit the International Code Council’s program website.

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