Temporary Structures


There are many types of temporary structures to serve different functions. The key points to remember, is that if it’s on a residential lot, it must be permitted if over 120 square feet. If it’s on a commercial lot, it must be permitted if over 200 square feet. Regardless of size, if the structure is connecting to electrical, water, or sewer, it must also permitted.

Seasonal Retail / Restaurant

With a large tourism industry, temporary structures are popular during the summer months for retail and food sales. A building permit is required, with the submittal of a framing and anchoring plan. Additionally, we will need to know your plans for water, gray water, and power. In addition to a structural review, a planner will need to see a site plan, to ensure it meets setback requirements; some exceptions may apply.

Boat Tents

Boat tents must be secured to the ground, and meet the setback requirements of the property they are located on. You may view these requirements by visiting our Table of Dimensional Standards, some exceptions may apply, please contact a Planner with the specifics of the request.

Items to submit for permit application

Site Plan

Building Permit

Structural Plan

Anchoring Plan

One Line Drawing

Development Permit Application

Conditional Use Permit

Note on Temporary Structures Providing Food Service

Depending on the construction of the structure, the size, and the location, it could require Planning Commission review, or be disallowed in the zoning district. Before investing in plans, please contact our Planner on Call at 907.586.0715, to ensure it is allowed. If Planning Commission approval is required, an additional 6-8 weeks will be needed for a decision.