Doors & Windows


New installs and direct replacements of doors and windows need a building permit for a structural integrity review. If you are just replacing the glass in a door or window, a permit is not required.

Note on Bay Windows

If the bay window increases floor space, please see our application guidelines for a residential addition in our interactive permitting module. Bay windows will need to meet building setbacks. If you have questions, place contact our Planner on Call at 907.586.0715.

Historic District

If your building is located in the historic district, special guidelines apply. You may review these guidelines in our Downtown Historic District Design Standards and Guidelines, or call a Planner for more information.

Items to submit for permit application

Floor Plan

  • Rooms must be labeled with their use or purpose. (ex. bathroom, etc.)
  • Existing and new doors and windows should be clearly shown
  • If a replacement, please show any deviation from the original door or window on your plan
  • Example Floor Plan

Building Permit Application


Photo Credit: Bauer Clifton Interiors, Juneau, AK