Building Facade

Structural Requirements

Certain facade elements such as cornices, canopies, and doors, must be designed to withstand the wind and seismic activities specific to our area. Doors may not swing into a right-of-way, which may require a recessed entry area. For occupancy loads higher than 50, the door must swing to the outside. Please speak to a Building Inspector at 586.0770 for more information.

Bump Outs

Facade elements, may not encroach onto the right-of-way. If encroachment is already occurring prior to updating the facade, an encroaching permit may be required. Certain facade elements, such as architectural features, bay windows, and exterior insulation, are allowed to encroach into the setback. Limitation do apply, so please speak with a Planner at 586.0715 for specifics.

Historic District

If your structure is located in the historic district, special guidelines apply. You may review these guidelines in our Downtown Historic District Design Standards and Guidelines, or call a Planner for more information.

Items to submit for permit application

Site Plan

  • Site plan must be to scale
  • Include dimensions of the structure
  • Include accurate property line locations in relation to the existing structure
  • Sample Site Plan

Elevation Plan

  • Commercial properties must submit architectural, and depending on facade elements, engineering plans
  • Residential properties must show a drawing of the new facade elements being proposed on the home
  • A section plan may be requested if elements carrying a heavy load (rock face, bump outs, etc.) are being added

Structural Plan

  • Include this in application if constructing elements that protrude from the face of the building
  • Include the dimensions

Electrical Plan (If facade improvement includes new wiring)

  • Commercial properties must submit engineered plans
  • Residential properties may submit a one line drawing


  • To view front, street, side, and rear yard setbacks for your zoning district, visit our Table of Dimensional Standards, or call our Planner on Call at 586-0715. If you’re unsure of your zoning district, visit our interactive CBJ Parcel Viewer, find your property on the map, and click on your parcel.

Building Permit Application