Accessory Apartments


The construction of an accessory apartment, whether resulting from an interior remodel or an addition, needs zoning approval, along with a building permit. Most zoning approvals occur over the counter at the permit center, but under certain scenarios that are specific to your lot, it may require Planning Commission approval. If Planning Commission approval is required, expect 6 – 8 weeks for a decision.

Zoning & Building Review

Accessory Apartments are no more than 1,000 square feet, or half the size of the accompanying home, whichever is smaller, and depending on your lot size. Please check with a Planner to determine what is allowed on your lot before beginning your project. Fire and sound separation is required between the house and apartment. The water line size may need to be increased, and a water meter will be required. Additional parking requirements may also apply.

Grant Program

Did you know that we have an Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Program? The CBJ Assembly has appropriated 16 grants per year of $6,000 each through 2022. Follow this link for more details on qualifying for program.

Items to submit for permit application

Site Plan (If Expanding the Footprint)

  • Site plan must be to scale
  • Include dimensions of the fence
  • Include accurate property line locations in relation to proposed fence
  • Sample Site Plan

Foundation Plan (If Expanding the Footprint)

Structural/Foundation Plan

  • If there are walls over 10 feet, you’ll need to use a structural or civil engineer

Floor Plan

  • If you are changing the interior of your home to accommodate an apartment, please show an existing floor plan and a proposed floor plan.
  • Label all rooms
  • Show all interior square footage
  • Show all water facilities (toilet, sink, tub, shower, etc.)
  • Example Floor Plan

Fire and Sound Separation Plan

Accessory Apartment Application

Building Permit Application