Cost Waivers for Child Care Providers

In an effort to improve the quality and availability of child care in Juneau, the CBJ contributes funds to child care providers through a grant awarded to the Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC). The scope of the funding is divided into 3 categories:

1. Direct subsidies to licensed providers on a per-child basis, with higher subsidies for infant/toddler care;
2. Education incentives to individuals who increase their child care education, based on a tier system;
3. CBJ cost waivers for required annual Fire Marshal inspections and Conditional Use Permit fees.

If you are a child care provider, or considering opening a child care facility, and would like more information on cost waivers for permit fees, please contacts the CBJ Permit Center at [email protected] or 907.586.0770.

For more information on the provider subsidies or education incentives, please contact AEYC at 907.789.1235.