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Most of Downtown Juneau was built before modern zoning standards were established. Modern zoning standards create difficulties when homeowners want to perform remodels and new construction, such as building a deck, adding a bump out, or tearing down to rebuild. The zoning often requires new construction to meet setbacks that are greater than the existing homes and buildings around them. The Alternative Development Overlay District (ADOD) standards were created in August 2017 to give staff and homeowners more flexibility to build in a way that is consistent with the existing neighborhood character. This update to ADOD standards will improve and streamline its standards and processes.


For the updated Alternative Development Overlay District to create more flexibility and a more streamlined approach for home improvements and lot developments while maintaining the character of the neighborhood.

Anticipated End Product

An updated Alternative Development Overlay District. This is an overlay map that will apply to all the downtown zoning districts, overruling specific zoning requirements to build flexibility into the Land Use Code. This overlay map will include:

  • A new ADOD boundary
  • Modified dimensional standards (opt-in) for neighbors in the ADOD area. Modifications may include reduced setbacks, minimum vegetative cover requirements, and maximum structure height.

Why Not New Zoning?

Zoning is more comprehensive than an overlay map, addressing density and uses in addition to lot coverage. There are five different zoning districts in the overlay area, all with different use and density allowances. The scope of the problem is limited to lot area, setbacks, and vegetative cover. Therefore, an overlay is a better matched solution. The underlying zoning standards for everything not addressed by ADOD will still apply.


Staff and the Title 49 Committee has been working a solution since September 2018. Public meetings began in 2019, but staff went back to the drawing board to rework some issues. Public meetings resumed in December 2019 and are ongoing. New ADOD standards will be complete by August of 2020, when the old standards expire.

See below for documents, presentations and minutes from the various meetings and events that took place as the project develops.

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