Moving or adding new installations of fixtures, such as tubs, toilets, sink, etc., requires a building permit. If you are directly replacing the fixture, and you’re not moving or adding piping, then this does not require a building permit.

Water Line Information Sheet

You may be asked to complete a water line information sheet. This tells us how many fixtures are in your home, so that we can ensure your water line is sized appropriately, which will save you from many headaches down the road. You can view the water line information sheet below.

Adding an Apartment?

If you are adding plumbing fixtures as a result of another dwelling unit, such as an accessory, or mother-in-law apartment, you may need to increase your water line size, and you will need to install a meter for your water services. For more information, you may contact the Permit Center at 907.586.0770.

Items to submit for permit application

Building Permit Application

Waterline Information Sheet

Accessory Apartment (If Applicable)


Photo Credit: Bauer Clifton Interiors, Juneau, AK