Heat Pumps


With heat pump technology improving, it has become a common way of heating homes in the Juneau area. That said, there a few things you need to know to avoid additional, unforeseen costs, and receive a heat pump system that will meet the heating needs of your specific home.


A heat supply is required in all habitable rooms. This does not include bathrooms, storage rooms, or utility spaces. Heat pumps need to be sized appropriately so that it may maintain code minimum of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, at a point 3 feet above the floor, and 2 feet away from exterior walls, at the design temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit.


Due to our cold design temperature, many heat pumps are unable to maintain code minimums, and a secondary heat source is required that does not involve the combustion of solid fuel. We strongly recommend a blower test be performed before sizing for a heat pump, especially when retrofitting a home.

Items to submit for permit application

Building Permit Application


  • You will need to call for inspections, or submit an online inspection request, before any part of the new system is covered. All inspections are covered in this initial permit fee.