Exterior Lighting


All new wiring for exterior lighting, whether for a commercial or residential structure, will need a building permit, and will receive an inspection by a licensed electrical inspector. If simply switching out a light fixture, and new or additional wiring is not being installed, and the building’s electrical load is not being modified, then a building permit is not needed.

Commercial Exterior Lighting

All commercial exterior lighting, whether attached to buildings or in parking lots, must be designed to full cut off standards, so as not to glare on neighboring properties. Pedestrian circulation around the building and parking areas should be sufficiently lit.

Residential Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting must be installed next to every outside entry of a building. For new construction and remodels, this will be inspected along with your other electrical components. Residential exterior lighting must not illuminate neighboring properties.

Items to submit for permit application

Exterior Lighting Plan (Commercial Only)

  • Show location of lights and lighting specs

Electrical Plan (Commercial Only)

  • Stamped and signed by Alaska Electrical Engineer

Electrical Plan (Residential Only)

  • One line drawing of electrical plans

Building Permit Application

  • Apply online or in the Permit Center