A permit is needed to construct a driveway from a CBJ street onto a lot. The information on this page is specific to driveways accessed from CBJ streets. For driveways accessed from State of Alaska highways, streets, and roads, contact the Department of Transportation at 907.465.4526, visit their at

Driveway Specifications

If the proposed grade of the driveway exceeds 10%, and/or the length exceeds 150 feet, a review by the Fire Department will be required, to ensure accessibility of emergency vehicles. A turnaround at the end and other conditions may be required. Certain aspects of the lot may allow the Fire Chief to waive this requirement. Driveways accessing CBJ roads do not have a minimum driveway width.

Back Out Driveways

Back out driveways are allowed, with Director or Planning Commission approval, for single family and duplex homes in residential and rural reserve districts. The Director’s decision will be based on safety aspects provided for in CBJ 49.40.230 (b)(7).

Items to submit for permit application

Site Plan

  • Site plan must be to scale
  • Include accurate property line locations in relation to the driveway
  • Include dimensions and grade of proposed driveway
  • Sample Site Plan


  • Typically, driveways may access property no closer than 6 feet from the side yard property line. For more information, contact General Engineering at 586.0499.

Building Permit Application

Special Notes

Most driveway permits are included in land use permits for subdivision, or grading permits for lot preparation; however, independent permits may be issued if neither scenario applies.

If interested in a second driveway for accessing your lot, please speak to General Engineering at 586.0499, as other conditions apply.