A Demolition Permit is a zero cost permit required for tearing down structures. We will inspect your property to ensure that you safe-off the sewer, water, and electrical connections. We also use these permits to track dwelling units that are lost to the community, to maintain accurate housing data.

Hazardous Materials

When applying for your demolition permit, please advise staff if there are any potentially hazardous materials inside the structure. For example, if built before 1978, there is a high likelihood that lead paint and asbestos will be exposed during the demolition process. For more information on safely demolishing structure with these potential hazards, please visit the follow links on the US EPA website.
Asbestos Hazard
Lead Hazard

Historic Structures

If your structure is historic, please allow three days for our Historic Resources Planner to photograph and document your structure, before commencing with demolition.

Items to submit for permit application

No Submittal Requirements

  • An over-the-counter permit will be issued same day in our Permit Center