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Assembly Apartments Building

Location: 211 4th Street

AHRS#: JUN-378

CBJ#: B-56

Parcel#: 1C070A090060

Year Built: 1932

Architectural Style: Other/ Juneau Folk

Architect/Contractor: unknown

Historic Name: Assembly Apartments Building

Historic Period: Peak Gold Mining Era 1921-1944

Historic Integrity: altered/preserved

Neighborhood: Juneau Townsite

Date of Local Designation: Not Designated

Date of National Register Designation: Not Registered

View 1 - Assembly Apartments Building,211 4th Street

Additional Information

General Description

This is a three-story, flat roofed reinforced concrete structure. It has a full basement, concrete foundation. The wall finish is plaster over concrete. It features Art Deco detailing consisting of a vertical chevron band above a recess stepped entrance and a chevron and lozenge molding along the top edge of the wall. It also features sculptural decorative window treatment. The original paired double hung windows have been replaced with fixed and awning windows.

Historical Information

Joe Kaher owned rental houses on this site prior to the construction of the Assembly Apartments. Constructed by the Assembly Company in 1932 on land previously owned by a series of Juneau pioneers. The building serves as offices for private and public business.

Historic Use

commercial/ residential


Juneau Townsite Building Survey, City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska, September 1988

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