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Capital School

Location: 129 6th Street

AHRS#: JUN-329

CBJ#: B-53

Parcel#: 1C070A220010

Year Built: 1927-1928

Architectural Style: Other/ Juneau Folk

Architect/Contractor: unknown

Historic Name: Capital School

Historic Period: Peak Gold Mining Era 1921-1944

Historic Integrity: preserved

Neighborhood: Juneau Townsite

Date of Local Designation: Not Designated

Date of National Register Designation: Not Registered

View 1 - Capital School,129 6th Street
View 2 - Capital School,129 6th Street

Additional Information

General Description

This is a two-story flat roofed reinforced concrete structure. It has a full basement, concrete foundation and concrete walls. It features metal casement and International Style metal sash window units. It has been remodeled on the inside but the outside facade retains its original character.

Historical Information

Portions of Block 22 have been used for public school purpose since 1887. In 1927, the City approved funds to build a new high school and from 1928 to 1958 the building served as Juneau High School. After a new high school was built on Glacier Avenue, the building was remodeled and became Capital Elementary School. In 1997 it closed as a public school. The Alaska State Legislature acquired the building from the City in 1998. The Legislative Affairs Agency renovated the school into government offices. The building was named in honor of the late Senator and Lieutenant Governor Terry Miller. The present school and gymnasium were built in 1928.

Historic Use

public/ education


Juneau Townsite Building Survey, City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska, September 1988

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