Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Community Development Block Grant

Every year, the CBJ Community Development Department sponsors the Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), administered by the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED). By sponsoring the grant, we announce in mid-summer that we are soliciting ideas from the public, then in August, we hold public informational meetings on the process. By early September, the application package should become available, and potential project proposers are notified and given a deadline for submitting their proposals to the CDD. After receiving the proposals, CDD staff will make a recommendation to the Assembly Human Resources Committee, and will receive direction on which proposal to partner with. We then assist the co-applicant with developing the CDBG grant application, which is usually due in early December.

For more more information on the goals and mission of the CDBG grant program, please visit http:

If you would like more information on how to become a potential project proposer, please contact

Scott Ciambor, Planning Manager, at or (907) 586-0753 ext. 4127


Beth McKibben, Planner, at  or (907)-586-0753 ext. 4128

No later than July 15, advertise for solicitation of project ideas.

Reach out to social service agencies with notice of solicitation.

No later than August 1, schedule public meeting – invite general public and proposers of projects. Discuss CDBG application and grant process, eligible projects, ranking, and timelines.

Using the grant handbook/application as guidance, proposers will be given direction on what sort of information will be needed for ranking and recommendation to Human Resources Committee (HRC) – project description, rough budget, what matching funds available, how the project meets goals of CDBG program, etc.

Notices of this meeting advertisement and meeting notes will be kept for grant application documentation of public outreach.
The Assembly, specifically the Human Resources Committee, will be invited to this public meeting in order to become familiar with the grant program and process.

Schedule deadline for material requested from proposers of projects (budget, description, etc.) about one month after the public meeting.

First week of September, notice of CDBG applications is expected from Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA).

Set up staff review committee and schedule review.

After initial review, allow project proposers an opportunity to submit additional information with final deadline for all applications.

Final staff review. Ideally within one meeting decide on project to recommend to HRC.

Notice proposers of staff recommendation to HRC. Send copy of staff report to HRC when available.

Schedule project recommendation at the HRC meeting or Committee of the Whole Meeting (COW) in September.

Written staff report and presentation to HRC or COW, providing staff recommendation for project to submit CDBG application.

Copy of staff report and notice of HRC or COW meeting sent to all project proposers.

Based on HRC or COW action at meeting, begin working with project proposer to develop application.

Notify other project proposers of HRC or COW recommendation.

With applicant, develop schedule and distribute work load for CDBG application.

Schedule authorizing resolution for Assembly following HRC or COW recommendation. Resolution must be acted on no later than November.

Applications due in Fairbanks first week of December.