High School Yearbooks

1909 Totem Cover
1909 Totem

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum has Taku and Totem Yearbooks in our Permanent and Reference Collections. Neither is collection complete. Do you have a local high school yearbook you’d like to donate to the City Museum’s Permanent or Reference Collection? Contact the Curator of Collections to find out how.

In the fall of 2016, the Juneau-Douglas City Museum was able to digitize our Reference Collection High School Yearbooks through the OCI High School Yearbook Project. The Project scanned each page of the yearbooks as JPEG images. The City Museum has turned those images into PDFs in order to make them accessible to the public. The PDFs are not searchable, but do allow you to “flip” through the yearbook digitally.

Below are PDFs of the Taku and Totem yearbooks in the City Museum’s Reference Collection. Click on the year to view the yearbook pages. If only the year is listed, it means the Museum does not have a copy of that yearbook in the Reference Collection. If a cell is grayed out, it means that no yearbook was issued during that year.

Please contact the Museum with any questions or problems with viewing the PDFs, or to make an appointment with the Curator of Collections.