The Juneau History Grant


The mission of the Juneau History Grant (JHG) is to support and encourage research, learning, dissemination, recording and archiving of all types of information pertaining to the human history of the City and Borough of Juneau. The JHG is administered by the City Museum and an advisory committee comprised of local community members with particular interest and/or expertise in Juneau history projects and research, with funding from the Friends of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum and the Juneau Community Foundation. The JHG committee will read and judge proposed projects based on the criteria listed in the JHG application instructions. JHG projects are typically funded at the $400-$1200 level; however the committee will consider all worthy projects within its ability to subsidize. The Juneau History Grant and the Marie Darlin Prize are collaborative programs of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, The Friends of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, and the Juneau Community Foundation. The biannual due dates for applying for a JHG are April 3rd and October 1st.


Any person, or group of persons, with a good idea for preserving or sharing Juneau’s history and/or culture who has the time and energy to follow it through to completion is encouraged to apply for a Juneau History Grant for funding to support some of the expenses of their project. Examples of projects include: live performances, public presentations, recordings, publications, community signage or memorials, digitization of historical information and any other project that produces a tangible product that can be shared with the public. It is assumed that most of the labor for a project will be performed by volunteers and that the grant will be used to help defray the costs of services and supplies needed to support this effort.


The Juneau History Grant committee expects successful applicants to clearly answer ALL questions and provide ALL information in each section of the grant application. A detailed budget must be also be included. Only complete applications will be considered. Submit your online application below or call (907) 586-3572 for instructions on alternative ways to submit.

Application Instructions
Online Application
Cover Image of 'Running Toward the Fires' - 2008 publication by JHG recipient Sandy Harbanuk

2008 publication by JHG recipient Sandy Harbanuk