Educational Programs at the City Museum

Classroom Visits (Tuesdays-Fridays)

The City Museum offers educators new ways to reinforce lesson plans with the help of historical artifacts and images, interactive exhibits, and activities. Museum staff are happy to accommodate all grade levels and will work with educators to develop a program to meet the needs of students and teachers. Education tours are available during the school year. Please schedule tours at least 1 week in advance. If you are planning a self-guided tour, we strongly encourage you to contact the City Museum when planning your visit to ensure all gallery spaces are available for viewing.

Museum Etiquette and Preparation for your Visit

  • Prior to the visit teachers prepare students about museum etiquette:
    • Leave personal items like food, drinks, phones, backpacks, and coats inside the museum entrance.
    • Show respect in the museum by being a good listener, asking thoughtful questions, walking, keeping hands to self, talking with quiet voices, being aware of other visitors.
  • Prior to the visit teachers prepare students about the learning activity or topic. Ideally the visit will enhance what students are currently studying. When students have background knowledge, they are more interested and engaged in the tour, and more likely to see the value of museums in general.
  • While in the museum teachers and adult helpers actively supervise students in small groups at all times.


  • Classroom visits are free.
  • If a visit requires extensive preparation or museum-provided materials, a $1 fee per student may apply.

Tours and General Museum Activities

  • Gallery Scavenger Hunt and I Spy Activity
  • Themed Tours: Mining History; Montana Creek Fish Trap; The Empty Chair Memorial, and more.
  • Create Your Own Tour: Work with Museum staff to create a tour that meets your specific needs.

Free Busing for Classroom Teachers

Thanks to a generous grant from the Empty Chair Committee to the Friends of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, we are able to offer free busing for school tours. Please indicate that you would like busing assistance when you schedule a classroom visit.

Please complete the Museum tour request. The Public Programs Coordinator will contact you soon. For more information, call 586-3572.

Online Tour Request