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Montana Creek Master Plan

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Arial view of Montana Creek area. Looking east. Mountains in the background.
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Project Overview

The Juneau community values the Montana Creek valley, watershed and surrounding areas for recreation and abundant natural resources.  Fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, shooting sports, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, four wheeling, camping, and subsistence harvesting are some of the recreational activities occurring in this area. In the summertime, Montana Creek is rich with fish species and the surrounding areas are wild. Despite the close proximity to the densely populated Mendenhall Valley, the area feels remote. In the winter, the area remains colder than some other parts of Juneau. Snow remains in the valley longer because of this and allows for winter sports at times when other parts of Juneau have thawed and do not have the snowpack to support these sports.

The Master Plan process seeks participation from land owners, user groups and the general public to understand current use of the area, existing plans and projects, proposed projects, ideas and concerns for recreational use of the area, impacts to natural resources, and current recreational uses. The goal is to create a master planning document through a public process that identifies recreational facilities in the Montana Creek Recreation Area with a planning horizon of ten years.

Public outreach began in the summer of 2021 with an informal survey to better understand the current recreational uses, ideas for improvements, and community values for recreation in the project area. The results from the survey are being used to develop and guide the master plan process. The feedback from the survey informs questions to ask of the community and draft concepts to prepare for review. The survey results will not be used to make policy decisions or determine development and management of the area. The results are the first step in public engagement to begin a conversation with the community and land managers.

In the fall of 2021, land managers met with stakeholder groups in the area to understand their goals and vision for the process and project area. Based on feedback from these meetings, an online GIS mapper was developed with existing resource data for the project area, motorized use regulation maps were developed, and existing community plans were gathered.  Using this data and feedback from the survey, stakeholder meetings, and a stakeholder design charrette in spring of 2022, a draft infrastructure master plan was developed and presented to the public on August 10, 2022.  The meeting was held on zoom and the CBJ Parks and Recreation Department, United States Forest Service Department of Natural Resources, Alaska Department of Transportation and Trail Mix presented the plan and asked for public comment.

The agencies are reviewing public comment and planning the next step in the master planning process. The draft infrastructure plan will need to be revised and then finalized with additional public input and a conversation about management will likely follow.

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