Mt Jumbo Gymnasium

Kids playing at Mount Jumbo Gym during a birthday party.

Jumbo News

  • Jumbo Gym Opening Delayed

    The opening of Jumbo Gym to private/birthday rentals has been delayed until the community risk level drops from high. Check back here for updates.

  • Open Gym Time Suspended

    Preschool Open Gym and Senior Open Gym are suspended until further notice. (Updated: 8.16.2021)

  • Mt. Jumbo Gym is a rental facility located on Douglas Island. Reserve the gym today for your private event, birthday party, practice and more! Find more details below.


    Monday through Saturday
    12:00pm – 10:00pm
    September 7, 2021 – April 30, 2022

    Mount Jumbo Gym is currently unavailable for rentals on Sundays and throughout the summer.

    Applications for use must be submitted to Parks & Recreation at least one week in advance of the requested date.

    Mount Gym is closed on the following holidays each year:

    • Alaska Day
    • Veteran’s Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • The Friday after Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Day
    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • President’s Day
    • Seward’s Day

    The gym will close at noon on:

    • Christmas Eve
    • New Year’s Eve

    Mount Jumbo Gym is managed by the Parks & Recreation main office.

    For questions, rental availability, and scheduling, please contact us by:
    Phone: 907-586-5226
    Fax: 907-586-4589

    Monday – Friday
    8:00am – 4:30pm

    Rental Fees

    For all rentals of  19 hours or less:

    • Facility: $35/hour
    • Equipment: $23/event

    All rental fees are due at the time of request.

    The Recreation Aide is there to oversee the facility; equipment set-up and clean up is the responsibility of the renter and must be included in the rental time.

    Any person/organization renting the facility for more than 19 hours in the season is a Bulk User.

    • Facility: $30/hour
    • Equipment: $23/user agreement

    The Recreation Aide is there to oversee the facility; equipment set-up and clean up is the responsibility of the renter and must be included in the rental time.

    Bulk rental requests must be submitted in August and December for rentals during September to December and January to April, respectively.


    For all bulk users, equipment rental is $23/user agreement.

    Equipment included:

    Play Equipment

    • Bikes and Trikes
    • Toys
    • Mats
    • Parachute, and more

    Sports Equipment

    • Soccer Goals
    • Volleyball Nets
    • Pickleball Nets

    And the Bouncy House!

    Balls are available at no charge.

    Gym FAQs

    Only clean and dry gym shoes are allowed on the gym floor. No street of black soled shoes allowed. If you do not have appropriate footwear, please remove your shoes in the coat room and enjoy the gym in socks.  Thank you!

    The following items are NOT allowed at Mount Jumbo Gym:

    • Illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
    • Pinatas
    • Rollerblades

    All users must leave the facility in a condition considered satisfactory to the Recreation Aide.  Any group or user damaging or destroying City property will be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.  Any extra cleaning costs will be billed to the renter.

    Food and drink (other than water) are not allowed unless approved in advance by Parks & Recreation staff.  All food and drink must be kept in the lounge area with plastic drop clothes placed below the tables.

    Application of materials to walls, floors or ceiling must be approved by the Facility Manager.  When approved, any decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the rental time.

    Storage of any materials is not allowed unless approved in advance by the Facility Manager.