DIY Activities

Juneau Voices Matching Game

Go on an ‘audio walk’ and hear stories about life in Juneau by scanning the QR codes found on each of the 11 new signs around downtown. Match the storyteller to the their topic to complete this DIY activity. Download the PDF here to get started.

Photo Scavenger Hunts

If you are out for some fresh air with the family, take along a photo scavenger hunt!  Each hunt includes unique pictures in specific areas around town.  Can you find them?

Click to open the Scavenger Hunt for The Docks.

The Docks

Dimond Park

Twin Lakes

Overstreet Park

Click the image to view the Scavenger Hunt for the Downtown Core #1

Downtown #1

Click this image to view the PDF for the Cowntown Area 2 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Downtown #2

Click on the image to view the PDF for the Douglas area scavenger hunt


Click on the image to view the Treadwell Historic Trail Scavenger Hunt


I Spy – Park, Town, and Trail

Take the young ones on an I Spy adventure and see what they can find in their favorite park, on a trail, or around town. Print out the activity sheet or download it to your phone to get started. The device-friendly version works best using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

The activity can be done at any time, however, the prize box is no longer available.

Hunker Down Scavenger Hunts

Go on a hunt around the house!  Can you find something that represents every item listed?  Be sure to put all the items back where they belong when you’re done!

Click this image to view the PDF for an Indoor Stay at Home Scavenger Hunt


Click on the image to view the outdoor scavenger hunt.


Flower Identification

Here’s a hunt you can do every summer! Try to identify the beautiful flowers in the many beds, baskets, and barrels around town?

Click the image to view the device friendly flower identification.

Device Friendly

Click the image to view the printer friendly flower identification sheet.

Printer Friendly

Activity Bingo

Get the kids moving with these two bingo cards made for different age groups. Print out the one most suited for your child and see how many they can accomplish!

Click the picture to open the Activity Bingo for younger children.

Younger Kids

Click the picture to view Activity Bingo for older kids.

Older Kids