Americans with Disabilities Act Committee

Welcome to the City and Borough of Juneau, Americans with Disabilities Act Committee website. Contained within these pages you will find an overview of the Committee’s mission, current and past projects as well as resource information. We hope this information is useful and welcome any suggestions regarding the website, issues that are being addressed by the committee or items on which the committee should focus their attention.

In 1990, President Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law prohibits discrimination towards members of our society regarding access to employment, facilities, programs and services, communication sources, and transportation. In 1992, the City and Borough of Juneau established an ADA committee for the purpose of advising and aiding the city manager and assembly to carry out the goals and provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act as they directly relate to the City and Borough . In an effort to provide more efficiencies of the committee, the City and Borough Assembly recently adopted Resolution 2429 which reduced the membership from nine to seven members and eliminated the sunset date from the committee.

Committee meetings are held the Third Thursday of Each Month at 12:30p.m. at the Downtown Juneau Library unless otherwise noticed. The public is encouraged to attend these meetings. For further information, please call the City Clerk at 586-5278 or [email protected] or Staff Liaison Charlie Ford at 586-0767 or [email protected].

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Please note, we do not list our CBJ Boardmembers contact information on the website.  If you would like to send a message to members of a particular board, at the bottom of each fact sheet is an staff liaison email address that you can send comments to. For those boards without a staff liaison you can send comments through the Clerk’s Office by email to: [email protected] via fax at 907-586-4552, or via mail to 155 Heritage Way, Juneau, AK 99801. Please note that for our appeal boards, we do not provide copies of the board member contact lists as communication with boardmembers on any matter which might be the subject of an appeal or part of a quasi-judicial proceeding must be handled in accordance with that bodies rules of procedures.

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