Economic Stabilization Task Force

The Economic Stabilization Task Force  was established on April 6, 2020, by Mayor Beth Weldon. The goal of this Task Force is to answer the questions outlined in this charging document.  The committee had its introductory meeting on April 9, 2020.  The Task Force is scheduled to report to its findings to the Assembly weekly and its term of service was set to expire six months from inception, which was October 2020. On September 21, 2020, the Assembly voted to extend the commission of the Task Force until the end of December 2020.

The Economic Stabilization Task Force has concluded its work for calendar year 2020. The Task Force will present a report summarizing its achievements to the full Assembly in January, 2021.  The final report will be available on this site once completed.

Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes

To see the full CBJ Meeting calendar, including these task force meetings, please click here.  Please check the CBJ calendar or call the Clerk’s Office at (907) 586-5278 for the most up-to-date information.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Economic Stabilization Task Force

Telephonically Only 907.713.2140, PID# 813893

03:00 PM


  • No Presentations

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Economic Stabilization Task Force

Telephonically Only 907.713.2140, PID# 813893

03:00 PM


  • Report to Assembly
  • An update on Resolution 2889 for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, provided to the Assembly at their April 13, 2020 meeting.

Economic Stabilization Task Force Members

Max Mertz, Co-Chair
Linda Thomas, Co-Chair
Susan Bell
Theresa Belton
Bruce Botelho
Eric Forst
Ken Koelsch
Lauren MacVay
Laura Martinson
Terra Peters

If you wish to send comments to the task force, please email [email protected].

CBJ Staff to the Task Force

Brenwynne Grigg, Community Development Administrative Officer
Jensina Sundberg, CBJ Finance Administrative Assistant

Public Comments sent to the [email protected] email address or mailed to the City Clerk’s office at 155 S. Seward Street, Juneau, AK 99801, Attn: Economic Stabilization Task Force will be posted below in chronological order:

2020-10-19 Letter from Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness

2020-10-08 Email from Dorain Gross, Gross Alaska Inc.

2020-10-08 Email from Reecia Wilson, Hangar on the Wharf, Twisted Fish Co., Alaska Fish & Chips Co., Roma Bistro, Pier 49 Seafood Station

2020-10-07 Letter from Jacqueline Pata, Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority

2020-10-07 Email from Joy Cherkas, The Red Lady

2020-10-07 Email from Chris Meier, Alaska Travel Adventures

2020-10-07 Email 2 from David Summers, Alaska Knifeworks, Juneau Outfitters, Glacier Bear Espresso & Tea, and The Salmon Shoppe

2020-10-07 Email from David Summers, Alaska Knifeworks, Juneau Outfitters, Glacier Bear Espresso & Tea, and The Salmon Shoppe

2020-10-07 Email from Suparna, Juneau Sportfishing

2020-10-07 Email from Jill Ramiel, Silverbow Inn

2020-10-07 Letter from Jan Nardone, Changing Tides

2020-10-07 Chris Conder, Rum Runner Charters

2020-10-07 Email from Toni Murphy, Alaska Juneau Mining Company

2020-10-06 Email from Shayla Weeks Kaiser, Squirez Bar

2020-10-06 Email from Jared Cure, The Narrows Bar & The Viking Lounge

2020-10-06 Email from Reuben Willis, Segway Alaska

2020-10-06 Email from Ann House, Boheme

2020-10-06 Email from Hilary Hoepfner, Allen Marine, Inc.

2020-10-06 Email from Deb Bergmann, The Alaskan Fudge Company

2020-10-06 Email from Chad Requa, Southeast Fitness, LLC

2020-10-06 Email from Brent Bitterman, Alaska Luxury Tours

2020-10-06 Email from Becky & Sean Janes, Above and Beyond Alaska, LLC

2020-10-05 Letter from Leeann Thomas, Triangle Club Bar

2020-10-05 Email from Julia Carver, Pilates Bodies

2020-10-05 Email from Captain Kevin Burchfield, Lost in Alaska Adventures, LLC

2020-10-05 Email from Evelyn Bass

2020-10-05 Email from Corinne Bullick, Functional Health and Fitness

2020-10-04 Email from Mark Erickson, Lucky Lady Pub

2020-09-24 Email from Ben Murray

2020-09-19 Email from Ann House, Boheme

2020-09-19 Email from Maryann Pearson, Pearson’s Pond Luxury Suites

2020-09-17 Email from Serene Hutchinson Juneau Tours and Whale Watch

2020-09-09 Email from Midgi Moore, Juneau Food Tours

2020-08-05 Email from Ibn Bailey

2020-07-15 Letter from Joan O’Keefe, United Human Services

2020-07-15 Letter from Mariya Lovishchuk, The Glory Hall

2020-07-09 Letter from Juneau Commission on Sustainability

2020-06-29 Letter from Rob Cadmus, Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

2020-06-26 Email from Nancy DeCherney

2020-06-26 Email from Anjuli Grantham

2020-06-17 Letter from Wayne Stevens, United Way, Southeast Alaska

2020-06-16 Letter from Anjuli Grantham

2020-06-10 Letter of Support for Airlift Northwest from CCTHITA

2020-06-10 Letter of Support for Airlift Northwest from JEMA

2020-06-10 Letter of Support for Airlift Northwest from SEARHC

2020-06-09 Email from Terry Hoskinson

2020-06-06 Letter from Airlift Northwest

2020-06-04 Email from Sydney Mitchell, Shoefly

2020-06-03 Email from Gary Miller

2020-06-02 Letter from Midgi Moore, Downtown Business Association

2020-05-29 Email from Ben Murray

2020-05-29 Email from Terry Hoskinson

2020-05-27 Email from Bill Leighty, Alaska Applied Sciences

2020-05-27 Email from Shawn Eisele, Discovery Southeast

2020-05-23 Email from Mike Ward, Taku Glacier Lodge

2020-05-22 Email from Kathleen Nyssen

2020-05-21 Email from David McCasland, Deckhand Daves

2020-05-20 Letter from Malena Hausinger, Alaska Fur Gallery

2020-05-20 Email from Ben Murray

2020-05-20 Email from Bill Leighty, Alaska Applied Sciences

2020-05-19 Email from Dr Emily Kane

2020-05-19 Email from Serene Hutchinson, Juneau Tours and Whalewatch

2020-05-19 Email from Ben Murray

2020-05-17 Email from Bill Leighty, Alaska Applied Sciences

2020-05-15 Email from Dean Clark

2020-05-14 Email from Tracy LaBarge, Tracys Crab Shack

2020-05-14 Food Program Proposal from Amy Skillbread and Larry Cotter

2020-05-14 Email from Samantha Wilson

2020-05-12 Email from Alisha Decker, Glacier Guides Inc.

2020-05-11 Letter from Bob Bartholomew

2020-05-08 Phone Call from Patricia Hickok

2020-05-07 Tracy LaBarge, Tracy’s Crab Shack

2020-05-07 Email from Andrea Whisenant

2020-05-06 Email from Kirby Day

2020-05-06 Email from David Summers

2020-05-06 Email from Bill Leighty, Alaska Applied Sciences

2020-05-04 Email from Wayne Coogan

2020-05-04 Email from Venietia Santana, V’s Cellar Door

2020-05-03 Email from Lisa Daugherty

2020-05-01 Phone Call from Kevin McCann

2020-04-30 Email and Presentations from Bill Leighty, Alaska Applied Sciences

2020-04-29 Email from Dave Hanna, Alaska Concrete Casting

2020-04-24 Email from John Dunker

2020-04-24 Email from Colleen Goldrich, Annie Kaills

2020-04-24 Email from Sydney Mitchell, Shoefly

2020-04-24 Email from David Summers, Juneau Waterfront Retail Shops

2020-04-24 Email from Rod Swope

2020-04-24 Letter from Dennis McDonnell, Alaska Coach Tours

2020-04-23 Letter from Sierra Gadaire, Gastineau Guiding

2020-04-20 Email from Wayne Coogan

2020-04-20 Email from Tanja Cadigan

2020-04-18 Email from William Huemann

2020-04-16 Email from Ibn Bailey

2020-04-14 Email from Phillip Moser

2020-04-14 Email from Zia Boccaccio, Alpaca International

2020-04-14 Letter and Email from Katherine Carlson, First Family Promise

2020-04-13 Letter from Renewable Juneau

2020-04-13 Email from Alan Corbett

2020-04-13 AML Update CARES Act Funding by Department

2020-04-12 Email from Captain Kevin Burchfield, Lost in Alaska Adventures

2020-04-12 Email from Bruce Griggs

2020-04-11 Email from Cindy Audet

2020-04-10 Email from Charles Collins, Driftwood Hotel 

2020-04-10 Email from Hal Daughtery

2020-04-09 Letter from Joe Kahklen, First Things First Alaska Foundation

2020-04-09 Email from Ben Murray

2020-04-09 Email from Marjorie Menzi

2020-04-09 Email from Jenifer Shapland

2020-04-09 Email from Dave Hanna, Alaska Concrete Castings 

2020-04-08 Email from Wayne Stevens, United Way Southeast Alaska

2020-04-08 Email from Anne Fuller

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