Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball is for youth ages 6-14. Teams are coached by VOLUNTEER COACHES, typically family members of a child on the team. The program is about skill development, sportsmanship and fun! The season runs January to March.

  • Practices are one-hour once a week for all divisions
  • Games take place on Saturdays between 10am-3pm
  • Age divisions 6-7 and 8-9 will be referred by coaches
  • Gyms used include:
    • Dzantik’i Heeni
    • Floyd Dryden
    • Mendenhall River
    • Riverbend
    • Harboview
    • Marie Drake

Peewee Basketball

Pee Wee basketball is for 5-year old boys and girls. The season is 6 weeks total beginning January 13 with one practice per week. There are no games for this age group.

Registration Information

  • Register Online
  • Registration opens: November 20 at noon
  • Late Registration: Begins December 4, $10 late fee applies to Youth Basketball only
  • Cost:
    • Youth Basketball $55 + tax
    • Peewee Basketball $40 + tax

Please note: Forms received before November 20 will not be accepted or processed. You will not be notified that your registration form was received. Registration is first come, first served; all registrations received after the session is full will be placed on a waitlist.

Paying by cash or check? Complete the paper registration form and waivers, then email to [email protected] or fax to 907-586-4589

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available! Fill out a paper registration form and a scholarship form.  Please email Amanda Lovejoy for more information.


Schedules will be posted here once they are completed in mid-January.

  • Practice Schedule
  • 5-6 Town/Valley Girls Game Schedule
  • 5-6 Town/Valley Coed Game Schedule
  • 7-8 Town/Valley Girls Game Schedule
  • 7-8 Town/Valley Coed Game Schedule
  • 9-10 Town/Valley Coed Game Schedule
  • 11-14 Town/Valley Game Schedule
  • 9-10 Town/Valley Girls Game Schedule
  • Master Game Schedule (all divisions)
  • Post-Season Schedule

General Information

Please consider becoming a volunteer coach! Our programs cannot happen without the volunteers. Soccer knowledge is helpful, but not required. Whereas, a background check is required. You can find the volunteer application here.

Parents, spectators, and guardians should abide by the code of conduct during games and practices. Sports can be an emotionally charged environment, and sometimes our emotions get the better of us. Yelling at referees, coaching from the bench or saying negative things about the children playing is prohibited.
Please remember:

  1. These are kids
  2. This is a game
  3. Coaches are volunteers
  4. The Referees and umpires are human
  5. Spectators should cheer for everyone
  6. No college scholarships will be handed out

Adults should model positive behaviors: cheer for good plays, regardless of who made it; treat the coach as an ally and help out where you can; and be respectful to other adults, children, officials and the coaches.

At the conclusion of the season, please take a moment to evaluate your coach.

Thank you for volunteering; the season wouldn’t happen without you! Here are a few items to help you get started:

  • Job Description
  • League Overview
  • Coaches’ Manual/Rule Book
  • Master Game Schedule

Ball sizes:

  • Junior: Ages 5-9
  • Intermediate: 10-14

At the conclusion of the season, please evaluate your players. This will help us form more evenly matched teams next season.

All coaches, parents/guardians and spectators must abide by this Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave.

  • I will not yell at officials, coaches, other adults or my child while they are playing
  • I will not ridicule anyone involved in a youth sporting event
  • I will not curse or use abusive language
  • I will not coach from the sidelines
  • I will not use any form of electronic media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to harass, verbally assault or bully any member of the Parks & Recreation program
  • I will not disrupt coaches during meetings, games or practices
  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship by being supportive of all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or youth sport event.
  • I will remember that this program and game is for kids, not ADULTS

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the Frequently Asked Questions, reach out to Amanda Lovejoy for more information.

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